Festivalblog Day 2


Available from 2 PM today, we recommend two European coproductions from goEast on Demand: Ganster meets Western. 

In WESTERN a group of German construction workers goes to Bulgaria for the construction of a hydroelectric plant. Only Meinhard – the newby in a committed group – approaches the different lifestyle in Bulgaria with interest and gets close to the people in the village nearby. Valeska Grisebach draws on visual tropes from the Western genre to conduct a deeply sensitive examination of diverse experiential worlds and conceptions of masculinity. 


Der ausgebildete Fleischer aus Lettland wollte eigentlich sein Glück in Belgien finden – gerät dort aber prompt in die Fänge von Kleinmafiosi, die seine Abhängigkeit gnadenlos ausnutzen. Nah an der Figur schildert Regisseur Juris Kursietis in OLEG die Geschichte eines jungen Mannes, der von seinen Lebensumständen an seine emotionalen und physischen Grenzen getrieben wird. 

Beide Filme sind bildgewaltige Neuinterpretationen lang etablierter Genres; erzählen aber gleichzeitig auf feinfühlige Weise Geschichten europäischer Migration. Die Filme gibt es bei goEast on Demand bis zum 11.05. zu sehen.


The public screenings of our Competition section have been pushed back to November and the prize money of our main competitions was split up between all competition filmmakers as a gesture of solidarity. However, this doesn't mean there won't be any joyful award winners this year. Our juries will be holding online sessions, this includes the International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI. 

They will be awarding the prize for the best feature film as well as the best documentary .Albert Gabay is one of the three members. For 25 years now he is the driving force in front and behind the camera of the longest-running film magazine on Israeli television. Additionally, he directed hundreds of tv shows and documentaries. 

Angelo Nicolae Mitchievici joins him from Romania. The academic is a member of the Romanian Association of Writers, the Romanian Association of Filmmakers, the Administrative Board of Romanian Broadcasting, among others, as well as a film critic. 

The German film journalist Carolin Weidner completes the jury. She is a board member of the German Association of Film Critics and has been a jury member of several prestigious international festivals. Additionally, she is working as a lecturer for film journalism and is part of the selection committee of DOK Leipzig among others.


Since yesterday's festival opening the ANARCHO SHORTS are available via goEast on Demand – a fabulously diverse collection of short films from Central and Eastern Europe. For everyone who could use a break from the world´s current situation they offer the perfect escape route into quirky other realities! 

How about, for example, PROTOCORBA – a world full of animation mistakes. The characters within are still happy though; who cares if your leg is swallowed up by the ground while walking, or if the wind pulls off your clothes every now and then? 


A stark contrast to the protagonist´s mood in WOO-HOO! While everyone in his world seems more or less normal, he is burdened by a werid problem: he has the head of a horse. But there seems to be a silver lining opening up for him when he encounters a young unicorn-woman at the house party next door. 

See how the story ends by tuning in on our on Demand website. The ANARCHO SHORTS will be available for until May 11, 7 films for 3 euros.



With our online exhibition Memes from Slavistan we are addressing one of the most popular daily life phenomenons in recent history and focus on internet memes from Central and Eastern Europe. 

Today, the two exhibition's curators and meme connoisseurs Vladan Petković and Vassilis Economou will be discussing memes, stereotypes and Slavic culture live. This promises to be entertaining as well as controversial! You can visit the exhibition online at https://memeslav.de

Additional information can be found here: Memes from Slavistan.

In our lovingly layouted digital festival catalogue you will find all information about the goEast festival's sections, including the films, filmmakers of the competitions, the who-is-who of the juries, festival supporters and the 20th anniversary of goEast. Browse online or download the catalogue as a PDF to the device of your choice and learn about what goEast could have been this year.

Here you can access the festival catalogue.