Festivalblog Day 3


This year the East-West Talent Lab of goEast is realised online. Young filmmakers and creatives from Central and Eastern Europe gather for numerous events and workshops with colleagues from Germany. The roughly 30 participants meet with industry representatives, present their project ideas, network and find partners for future co-productions. 

This year ethical questions in dealing with non-professional actors and protagonists as well as the production of serial formats are in focus particularly. In the end two prizes endowed with 3,500 euros each – the goEast Development Award as well as the Renovabis Research Grant for a documentary film project treating human rights issues – will be awarded during the Project Market Pitch. 

"The quality of the projects at the East-West Talent Lab is outstanding this year. I am very happy that we developed a digital professional training programme at goEast for the young talents. Our experts will join us inter alia from Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Cologne, Prague or Tbilisi. They will be able to communicate with our participants from Azerbaijan to Ukraine. We are very well prepared and eager to start", says Andrea Wink, Coordinator of the East-West Talent Lab. The Project Market Pitch is an open event and will be live via Zoom on May 11th at 10 am CET.


goEast on Demand is continuing with four unique films, which deal with the topic of human rights from diverse perspectives. 

Radu Judes newest film UPPERCASE PRINT celebrated its world premiere at this year's Berlinale. Located within the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaușescu the director contrasts in a dialectic montage his staging of the story of the adolescent Mugur Călinescu – who gradually became a target of the Securitate – with seemingly bizarre material of the Russian state TV at the time. Thereby the power of state repression is being unmasked. 

NEVER HAPPENED created quiet a stir in Slovakia. The film leads us into the 90ies: filmmaker Barbora Berezňáková deals with the entanglement of the secret service in the abduction of first Slovak president Michal Kováč's son. When the participation of the intelligence becomes clear, the case is being covered up: all of this never happened. Setting out to present evidence to the contrary, Director Barbora Berezňáková manages to unearth photographs, archival materials, associated locations and central figures. 

Oleg Sentsov uses a very different approach in his newest film NUMBERS. This happened out of necessity, since the director and activist was imprisoned when the film was being made using written stage directions (with the help of a co-director). For the consecutively numbered protagonists an austere concrete structure becomes a stage and the setting for their rebellion. 

Russian director Masha Novikova goes back to Chechenya with a camera and accompanies Ramzan Akhmadov, dancer and director of the youth dance ensemble DAYMOHK in the documentary feature by the same name. After the second Chechen war the ensemble gradually becomes a propaganda tool. Intimately it is being shown through Akhmadov, how the limits of artistic freedom can be gauged within a dictatorship. The films are available at goEast on Demand until May 11th.


The Open Frame Award is a place for experiments with new forms and media formats at goEast. Since 2018 the competition shows Virtual Reality und 360° projects and actually lives on filmmakers, VR artists, jury members and audiences coming together in the festival week to collectively embark on a journey into virtual realities. This cannot happen this year. Nevertheless we aren't discouraged by Corona and are placing the whole competition in collaboration with VRrOOm online. 

goEast 2020 is the first event of the world, that is not only making 360°-films accessible online but also interactive projects after registering for it. Open Frame Award curator Georgy Molodtsov as well as the winner of the Open Frame Award from 2018, Denis Semionov, have truly worked worked wonders for this occasion. They created the so-called goEast VRooftop Lounge and rebuilt the complete festival venue, the Caligari FilmBühne. You are able to visit all of those places within Virtual Reality. You only require a VR-Headset or a PC. 


During the festival week guided tours are offered daily between 7 and 9pm CET through the virtual festival locations. Right there and then you are able to meet the goEast Team as well as the nominees of the Open Frame Award with your own avatars. Of course the complete competition entries as well as trailers are available there, too. 

// Open Frame Award – guided tours, daily, 7 to 9 pm CET

Instructions to enter the virtual worlds are available here: Instructions.


Today we went to highlight these short film gems again! Our on Demand program does not only contain fantastic feature films, but also offers our fantastically raw und innovative ANARCHO SHORT. And they are not just plain entertainment; if you look closely you will find explicit political statements. 

Like HYMNS OF MUSCOVY, a film in which Moscow is being turned upon its head. The long tracking shot in a new perspective is scored with a new version of the Soviet national anthem. 

And the animation feature DEEP LOVE shows bald eagle flying over a Ukrainian city, laying an egg, which explodes upon impact, creating a massive fly agaric. And that is only the beginning! 

Which message the filmmakers want to convey is subject to interpretation – at least until the 11th of May, which is the last possible date to rent the ANARCHO SHORTS.