Full throttle at goEast

Festivalblog Day 4


In order to offer the audience the best possible insight into the creation process of the works in the goEast competition, the festival filmmakers share their experiences with the audience at the Filmtalks. Moderated by Andreas Heidenreich (member of the goEast selection committee), this year's edition 1 of the talks is with the directors Ivan Ramljak from ONCE UPON A YOUTH, Renato Borrayo Serrano from LIFE OF IVANNA and teammember of ULBOLSYN opened. The three filmmakers share their experiences during the creation of their works via zoom. It's worth watching!


In this year's edition of the yearly awarded Rheinmain Short Film Award worth 2500 Euros, eight Central and Eastern European short films are shown with a running time of up to 15 minutes. One will be awarded the prize of the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain worth 2,500 euros. The varied world of the short film form is full of exciting, emotional, funny or interesting stories that allow us to be carried away to somewhere else over and over again. From religious zeal, inconspicuous patron saints and twin brothers from another galaxy, to anti-feminist girl gangs, bleak picnic area atmospheres and painfully realistic war film shoots, the focus here is not only on the possibilities of short, poignant stories, but also the breadth and depth of the material presented. 

Although the short film form is so often decried as the little sister of the feature film, as a testing ground for budding 'serious' productions, here it proves to be a form that deserves so much more attention than it often gets. At the Rheinmain Short Film Award, the jury, consisting of directors and curators of art house cinemas from the Rhein-Main area, gives the short film genre their full attention. Extended by you as the audience, who can not only enjoy the program during the festival week, but can also see them as soon as the cinemas reopen and the selected films go on tour throughout the region.

// RheinMain Short Film Competition available On Demand in Germany

GOEAST ON DEMAND - Work, work, work

The goEast programme continues on the third day of the festival. The Competition entries today are PLEASE HOLD THE LINE, SHOULD THE WIND DROP and THE LAST ONES. When thinking of exciting and varied professions, cable technician probably doesn't spring to mind first. Pavel Cuzuioc's PLEASE HOLD THE LINE shows how deceptive this can be. In this film, the craftsmen work in structurally precarious settings and become real everyday heroes . In SHOULD THE WIND DROP by Nora Martirosyan, the airport inspector Alain gets himself into a crisis of conscience because of his job. He is supposed to prepare an appraisal for a planned airport in the unrecognized state of Nagorno-Karabakh, but has to decide whether he should follow his sympathies for the people and send a positive assessment, against his better judgement.

The corrupt mine operator Kari in Veiko Õunpuu's THE LAST ONES acts completely without conscience. In the middle of this Lapland wasteland, we witness the overexploitation of nature and watch him throwing shade on the wife of an employee.

// PLEASE HOLD THE LINE On Demand in Germany starting April 23rd / 4:00 PM CET

// SHOULD THE WIND DROP On Demand in Germany starting April 23rd / 6:30 PM CET

// THE LAST ONES On Demand in Germany starting April 23rd / 9:15 PM CET

Video Art in Central Asia - A Virtual Exhibition

Following on from the theme of this year's symposium, goEast is organizing an online presentation of video art focussing on the region of Central Asia. Video art is firmly established in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and has been making rapid progress since its creation in the 1990s. Artists such as Saodat Ismailova, who this year is also taking part in the festival as Chairman of the competition jury. Contributers Sergei Maslov and SurayoTurchinova continue to develop the achievements of their predecessors in their work and thus create visual and audiovisual works that not only transport the traditions of their home countries artistically, but are also impressive and timeless works of art. GoEast is honoring this artistic work with their exhibition on video art. YuliaSorokina, who is the co-founder of the exhibition, teaches at the National Art Academy in Almaty and has already published in several international magazines and catalogs.

// Online-Exhibition UNVEILING CENTRAL ASIA On Demand on April 23rd / 5:00 PM CET


A team of researchers from Earth discover a message from Venus in a metal coil from outer space. All attempts to contact the planet fail. An euphoric expedition into space is already underway before the message is finally deciphered: an attack on Earth is planned. Landing on Venus, they discover the planet turns is a radioactive desert. Inspired by the novel "The Astronauts" by Stanisław Lem, this science fiction film is the first Polish co-production by DEFA, in which the crew of the spaceship is strikingly international, recognising a space travel mission that exceeds all national borders.

// THE SILENT STAR available On Demand in Germany


Like the short film award, only quirkier, wilder, more colorful, more uninhibited and more to the point, only without the competitive pressure: These are the ANARCHO SHORTS, again this year consisting of a colorful potpourri of various stylistic and thematic border crossings. Penis operettas? Sure! Animated animal porn? Bring it on! A worm-shaped parasite craving for love that lives inside a dead dog carcass? Could watch it all day, darling! The motto is style anarchy, the weapon is the screen, the victim is the audience. But it's not as bad as it sounds here, of course, because every film was not only selected so that festival director Heleen Gerritsen can amuse herself with the confused faces of the audience, but also because they offer such unique value in their own niche way, a value that no conventional subject matter can achieve.

// Anarcho-Shorts available On Demand in Germany