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Festivalblog Day 7

Online award ceremony of the 21st edition of goEast - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film

goEast will today award prizes to a total of nine lucky winners as part of its award ceremony at 7 p.m. Most of the jury for the main competition came back to Wiesbaden to watch and rate the films where they belong, in the cinema.

// goEast Award Ceremony on 26th April / 7:30 PM CET through our website

The following prizes are awarded:

  • goEast Development Award (3,500 euros)
  • Renovabis Research Grant (3,500 euros)
  • Open Frame Award (5,000 euros)
  • International Film Critic's Award – FIPRESCI (Feature Film)
  • International Film Critic's Award – FIPRESCI (Documentary)
  • RheinMain Short Film Award (2,500 euros)
  • Award for Cultural Diversity (4,000 euros)
  • Award of the City of Wiesbaden for Best Director (7,500 euros)
  • Golden Lily for Best Film (10,000 euros)

Tune in and celebrate Central and Eastern European film with us digitally and at a distance. And with a lot of optimism and a pinch of luck, we'll see you again later in the year at the goEast drive-in cinema in downtown Wiesbaden and a short film walk in Offenbach at night. goEast will return before next spring.


At the end of the East-West Talent Lab, the participants from Central and Eastern Europe present their projects live in front of an audience and a three-person jury in the Project Market Pitch. Each pitch takes five minutes, and is accompanied by direct feedback from the jury, which this year consists of Marjorie Bendeck, head of the East-West coproduction market Connecting Cottbus, Björn Koll, managing director of the Salzgeber film distribution company and film producer Christoph Thoke. The best pitch wins the goEast Development Award (awarded since 2014) with a prize of 3,500 euros. The Renovabis research grant of 3,500 euros for a human rights documentary film project will also be awarded by the jury, as well as a material prize for further support of a project, donated by the Polish platform Pitch the Doc

// Project Market Pitch on 26th April / 10:00 AM CET via Zoom


Even though goEast officially ends tonight, we are still far from being done. We are by no means giving up the many great ideas that we have not been able to implement yet due to the pandemic. Including the drive-in cinema on Dern's premises and the short film walk with the Hamburg artist group "A Wall Is A Screen".
The planned drive-in cinema should get going with the help of our partner Stadtmobil as of June. The ready installed cars on site will give the opportunity to breath in a real cinema atmosphere.

The films shown will be YELLOW CAT, HERE WE MOVE HERE WE GROOVE and SPACE DOGS from the 2021 programme on three consecutive evenings.
Our short film walk, which attracted an enthusiastic lot last year in Wiesbaden-Klarenthal, should still take place, only this time in Offenbach. "A Wall Is A Screen" are selecting short films from Central and Eastern Europe that fall under the theme "Narration. Power. Identity", and will be projected them onto building walls around the city.