RomaTrial and films by Hamze Bytyci at the DFF in Frankfurt

RomaTrial is a Roma self-organized platform that aims to counter antigypsyism and confront society with the problems of antigypsyism today. The association primarily organizes activities related to film and the arts as well as cultural and political educational work for young people and adults. In past years RomaTrial already twice cooperated with goEast. This August we will screen two short films by Hamze Bytyci (director of RomaTrial) at the DFF cinema to draw attention to and oppose antigypsyism. The films JOŽKA (2017) and I BELIEVE IN LOVE (2020) are shown as supporting films for Radu Jude's ȚARA MOARTĂ / THE DEAD NATION.

From 04.08. until 26.08.2020 goEast organizes a retrospective of Romanian director Radu Jude in the cinema of the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum. Radu Jude's films often deal with the topics of anti-semitism and anti-gypsyism, most of all in his films AFERIM! (2015), ȚARA MOARTĂ / THE DEAD NATION (2017) and ÎMI ESTE INDIFERENT DACĂ ÎN ISTORIE VOM INTRA CA BARBARI / I DO NOT CARE IF WE GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS BARBARIANS (2018). Within this framework goEast is once again cooperating with the RomaTrial association.


JOŽKA (14.08. at 18:00)

Director: Hamze Bytyci
Czech Republic, Germany 2017
26 min / OV + eng SUB

In spite of the impairment to his health, Czech Roma activist Jozef „Jožka" Miker never loses hope for his fight: one day the pig breeding farm will disappear from the grounds of the former concentration camp in which hundreds of Roma lost their lives under national socialism – including half of his wife's family.

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I BELIEVE IN LOVE (25.08. AT 18:00 Uhr)

Director: Hamze Bytyci
Germany 2017
7 min / OV + eng SUB

In this carefully made animation film, Holocaust survivor Sabina van der Linden-Wolanski poses the question of the importance of memory and survival after the Holocaust. At first, colorful animations depict her time in Paris at the end of the 1940s in order to go back to the Nazi era in dark colors. The film is a quiet, all the more effective, statement against all forms of hatred and racism.

Pre-film to ȚARA MOARTĂ / THE DEAD NATION (2017) Buy Ticket