For the second time, the Yugoretten are gathering at goEast – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film. Yugoretten are female filmmakers who hail from the regions of former Yugoslavia. Their aim is to deepen connections within the post-Yugoslav community and to partake in creative exchange with one another. The program here consists of three panel discussions and a small selection of films, comprised of Želimir Žilnik’s classic MARBLE ASS, current documentary film BIGGER THAN TRAUMA, directed by Vedrana Pribačić, and the fiction feature HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN? by Dušan Zorić and Matija Gluščević. We look forward to welcoming all those who wish to join in – for discussion, celebration and many a cup of coffee!



Tickets can be purchased online by clicking on the films. Further information on the goEast film programme can be found in our film search.

Talks & Panel Discussions

Museum Wiesbaden Thu, 25.04. until Sun, 28.04.
in English
Admission free

14:30 – 15:30 TALK
IM FOKUS: Non-Aligned Films
with: Stefan Ivančić (SFR Yugoslavia)

Non-Aligned Films is a film production company based in Belgrade, founded in 2012 by producers and directors Stefan Ivančić, Ognjen Glavonić and Dragana Jovović. The idea behind Non-Aligned Films is to function as a platform for producing the films of an upcoming generation of filmmakers from the post-Yugoslav region. Known for their works in fiction, documentary and experimental formats, as well as feature and short films, including: DEPTH TWO (2016 / Berlinale Forum, goEast); THE LOAD (2018 / Festival de Cannes – Quinzaine des Réalisateurs); HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN? (2022 / Venice Film Festival – Critics’ Week), which is featured in the 2024 program of goEast.

FRIDAY 26.04.
12:15 – 13:45 PANEL
Empowering Voices: Women Producers in Film
with: Azra Djurdjević (Croatia, Switzerland), Čarna Vučinić (Serbia), Emina Smajić (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany), Fitore Muzaqi (Kosovo, Germany)
Moderation: Mateja Meded

The panel “Empowering Voices: Women Producers in Film” celebrates the valuable contributions of women producers in shaping the cinematic landscape. From breaking barriers to amplifying diverse narratives, their work plays a vital role in fostering inclusivity and bringing change within the industry. In a talk, we explore their journeys, challenges and triumphs, and delve into the transformative power of women’s leadership in film production.

12:00 – 13:30 PANEL
Behind Closed Doors: In which closet is queer cinema hiding?
with: Hoda Taheri (Iran, Germany), Anne Gaschütz (Germany), Olga Dimitrijević (Serbia, Yugoslavia), Viktor Zahtila (Croatia)
Moderation: Boris Hadžija

Together with filmmakers, artists and authors Anne Gaschütz, Olga Dimitrijević, Hoda Taheri and Viktor Zahtila, the panel attempts to shed light on the hidden complexities of gender and sexuality within and beyond the post-Yugoslav framework. How do heritage and socio-political circumstances, history and present, influence the work of authors who try to challenge and advance debates on binary essentialism surrounding gender and sexual identity, expose its limitations and depict new roles and identities in film?

SUNDAY 28.04.
13:30 – 15:00 PANEL
Sexualized violence as a means of warfare – cinematic representations and coping strategies
with: Mirta Puhlovski (Croatia), Vedrana Pribačić (Croatia), Kumjana Novakova (Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia), Gaby Babić (Germany)
Moderation: Borjana Gaković

The permanent International Criminal Court has classified rape during wartime as a crime against humanity and a war crime. Witness testimony from women who summoned the courage to speak publicly about their experiences of violence played a decisive role in bringing about this development. Filmmakers contributed to this milestone as well. goEast’s 2024 program features two films that approach this topic from different angles – while Kumjana Novakova proceeds forensically in SILENCE OF REASON (North Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2023), bringing witness testimony to the foreground, in BIGGER THAN TRAUMA (Croatia 2022) Vedrana Pribačić and Mirta Puhlovski accompany a group of women processing their trauma over 20 years after war’s end by engaging in a complex therapeutic program. In the scope of the panel, the filmmakers will speak about their experiences and provide insight into their working methods.  “