Caught up in his own genius, the young composer Anton indulges in excessive drug intake until he’s forced to check himself into a rehab clinic. Back in Kiev he looks apprehensively to the future, after first peering deep into the alert eyes of his grandfather. Quietly the camera captures the collision between the generations, soon pursuing a further trace in Anton’s past, which leads him to Katya. She for her part has morphed from a hopeful Maidan activist to a hopeless pessimist who, disillusioned, is seeking a way to leave the country for good – for a life with a sense of perspective. Alas, what could the future possibly offer of more substance when you’ve just met your one true love?
With her feature film debut, coupled with the subtle yet energetic traits of a generational drama Marina Stepanska presents a love story that is less determined by blissful euphoria than it is by sober prognostication, one that shines with the singular authenticity of its actors. We wander through post-revolution Kiev alongside Anton and Katya and experience a generation demanding a modest raison d'être in their inexorable search for identity and a place in life. In the here and now.
Marina Stepanska
In 2004 Marina Stepanska graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kiev National University of Film and TV. Later she worked at the experimental theatre “School”, working with non-actors on stage and films. She also took part in Robert McKee’s scriptwriting class “Story Seminar” and developed a creative documentary within the “Archidoc” training program. In 2015 she directed the short MAN’S WORK which won Best Ukrainian Short at Odessa IFF and a Special Mention for the best actor's ensemble at Molodist IFF (Kiev). STRIMHOLOV / FALLING is her directorial debut.
2004 // TO HEAR (short) 2013 // HOLIDAYS (short) 2015 // MAN'S WORK (short) 2017 // STRIMHOLOV / FALLING
präsentiert von:
Botschaft der Ukraine in Deutschland

Ukraine 2017
105 min, DCP, colour

Ukrainian, English
OV with English Subs


Marina Stepanska


Marina Stepanska


Sebastian Thaler


Borys Peter


Serhiy Stepansky


Dasha Plahtiy
Andriy Seletskiy
Oleg Mosiychuk


Mykyta Moiseiev


Olena Yershova
Volodymyr Filippov
Alla Ovsiannikova


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