How does a deaf Russian woman living in today’s Kazakhstan manage to stay afloat? Maybe like this: by never ever showing weakness or compassion, taking hold of her own destiny despite a physical handicap and – where there’s no alternative – being prepared to stop at absolutely nothing. At least that’s how Sveta sees it. The young mother is anxious about her family’s well-being, about the mortgage she can’t pay off and about her job, which she is at risk of losing to a co-worker with less experience. She can’t get her head around the fact that her husband can sleep peacefully at night, while it seems her whole life may soon run off the rails. No matter what happens – Sveta will do whatever it takes to keep her family from landing on the street and her two kids from having to grow up in a home.
Director Zhanna Issabayeva paints the portrait of a woman caught up in a desperate struggle, breaking with the image of physically challenged individuals as victims by depicting her protagonist Sveta (played by deaf actress Laura Koroleva) as a person willing to commit violence who takes revenge on society while stoking a fiery inner rage.
Zhanna Issabayeva
Born in 1968 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She graduated from the journalism faculty of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in 1991. She has worked as a producer and director since 1993. Issabayeva writes and produces almost all of her movies herself. With KAROY she realized her feature film debut in 2007. In the following years she has consistently directed movies, among them BOPEM, which was shown in the goEast Competition in 2016.
2007 // KAROY 2009 // DOROGIE MOI DETI / MY DEAR CHILDREN 2012 // TALGAT 2015 // BOPEM 2017 // SVETA
präsentiert von:
Botschaft der Republik Kasachstan

Kazahkstan 2017
95 min, DCP, colour

OV with English Subs


Zhanna Issabayeva


Zhanna Issabayeva


Mikhail Blintsov


Azamat Altybasov


Andrey Rezinkin


Laura Koroleva
Roman Lystsov


Iliya Bisserov


Sun Production