Bekim and Anita are in the middle of planning their wedding when Bekim’s oldest friend Nol, a successful career musician in France, decides to pay them a visit. After a boozy night, Bekim and Anita get into an argument – for a couple of days afterwards they give each other the silent treatment. The audience suspects the worst when Anita seeks advice from Nol and her eyes linger on him long after she has said goodbye. Alas, everything turns out differently than expected. Director Blerta Zeqiri performs an unforeseen about-face and Bekim increasingly becomes the centre of attention. In adeptly deployed flashbacks, it becomes apparent that he and Nol have had their own thing going on the downlow for a long time. The two spend a night together after Nol is brutally beaten on the street for being gay. Will Bekim remain loyal to his life-lie and marry Anita, who for her part is completely in the dark about all of this?
What starts off as a coming-of-age romance takes an unexpected turn. Well-composed images and convincing performances from the ensemble cast make THE MARRIAGE a mature film about the difficulties gay love faces in today’s Kosovo.
Blerta Zeqiri
Born in 1979 in Pristina, Blerta Zeqiri is a director and scriptwriter, as well as a member of the European Film Academy. She works and lives in Kosovo. During the war she went to France where she studied cinema at Paris 8 University. She wrote and directed a number of short and medium length films that have participated in more than a hundred international film festivals. MARTESA / THE MARRIAGE is her feature-length debut. Additionally she has worked on TV series, documentaries, music videos and TV commercials, as well as image and institutional films.
2005 EXIT (short)2008 OK (short)2011 THE RETURN (short)2017 MARTESA / THE MARRIAGE
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Kosovo, Albania 2017
98 min, DCP, colour

OV with English Subs


Blerta Zeqiri


Keka Kreshnik Berisha
Blerta Zeqiri


Sevdije Kastrati


Keka Kreshnik Berisha


Pëllumb Ballata


Alban Ukaj
Genc Salihu
Adriana Matoshi


Keka Kreshnik Berisha
Blerta Zeqiri


Eno Milkani

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Bunker Film+


Wide Management

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