In Kiev on 20 February 2014, Ukrainian government police forces opened fire with live ammunition on protesters armed with bats and makeshift wooden shields. Fifty people were killed in the ensuing bloodbath. AFTERMATH VR: EUROMAIDAN retraces the same path taken by protesters as they reclaimed the street from police forces, recreated here using photogrammetry and CGI, and explores the story through archival footage, 360° video interviews with eyewitnesses and scanned artefacts from the Euromaidan.

This project is part of the OPEN FRAME AWARD exhibition, shown at DFF Frankfurt and Museum Wiesbaden.

DFF, Frankfurt
03.04. - 07.04.

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Museum Wiesbaden
11.04. - 16.04.

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Alexey Furman
Sergiy Polezhaka
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Ukraine 2018
17 min, , colour

English, Ukrainian
OV with English Subs


Alexey Furman
Sergiy Polezhaka

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New Cave Media

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