It’s the icy winter of 1992 in Prishtina: Yugoslavia is crumbling, war is raging in Croatia and threatening to spread to Bosnia. Serbian dictator Milošević is in the process of revoking Kosovo’s autonomous status, the Albanian population here is subject to widespread harassment. During the Serbian evening news broadcasts, people protest by banging on pots, pans and radiator pipes. Curfews and arrests are the order of the day. In the midst of this climate of constant danger and fear, archivist and paterfamilias Fadil attempts to make ends meet. When his boss is replaced one day by a militant Milošević supporter and his Albanian colleagues resign in protest, Fadil is faced with a dilemma: should he stand in solidarity and resist too, or keep his job to be able to continue to care for his family? Ismet Sijarina tells a tale of life and survival in evil times. Shot in the 4:3 format by cinematographer Sevdije Kastrati, the calm, focussed images create a sense of claustrophobia and hopelessness. Music plays a key role here too: “Cold November” is also the name of a song written by Fadil in the film, whose lyrics full of unanswered questions and uncertainty he accompanies on the guitar.
Ismet Sijarina
He is a filmmaker and scriptwriter living in Prishtina, Kosovo. His first documentary BEYOND THE RAINBOW (2008) premiered at Sarajevo Film Festival. His projects have been shown at many European film festivals, such as Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, in Tirana or in Rome. Sijarina currently works as an associate professor in the film directing program at the University of Prishtina. COLD NOVEMBER is his first feature film.
Filmography 2003 // PINI (short) 2005 // DANCE WITH THE MOON (short) 2008 // BEYOND THE RAINBOW (doc) 2013 // MURET / THE WALLS (TV series) 2018 // NËNTOR I FTOHTË / COLD NOVEMBER
präsentiert von:
Botschaft der Republik Kosovo

Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia 2018
93 min, DCP, colour

Albanian, Serbian
OV with English Subs


Ismet Sijarina
Arian Krasniqi




Fatmir Spahiu
Kushtrim Hoxha
Adriana Matoshi
Emir Hadzihafisbegovic
Bislim Mucaj
Gordana Boban


Fatmir Spahiu


Arian Krasniqi
Paskal Semini
Vladimir Pavlovski
Igor Popovski
Yll Uka

Production Company

Thumbs up

Co-Production Company

AlbaSky Film
Audiohaus – Sound Solutions
Ikonë Studio


Sevdije Kastrati


Vladimir Pavlovski


Petrit Çarkaxhiu


Igor Popovski