Just yesterday she was still in the Netherlands, today she’s already somewhere completely different: Alma, young, beautiful and a little naive, took a flight to Bosnia, where she crashes at her cousin Emir’s place for starters. Alas, Emir, the owner of the rickety car that’s supposed to convey her to Podvelezje, claims he’s got no time for the drive. OK, what about Denis then? Turns out he’s got a girlfriend. So, against her mother’s advice, Alma is left with no other choice than to strike out on her own by bus. Her motivation: her father is in the hospital in Podvelezje, the father she hardly knows, the father who left her and her mother after Alma’s birth to return to his homeland – Alma intends to visit him. Her father was driven by nostalgia, as Alma reveals to a chance acquaintance she makes on her trip when the bus drives off without them. With TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE, Ena Sendijarević deftly manages to fuse the carefree point of view of her youthful protagonist with that of the viewer. We see Bosnia’s landscape, the sea, the sun and debris, as well as the people and the future, through Alma’s eyes: Where have I ended up this time? And where the hell is my suitcase?
Ena Sendijarević
Born in 1987, Sendijarević is an Amsterdam based filmmaker of Bosnian origins. Before graduating from the Netherlands Film Academy as a writer/director in 2014, she studied film studies at the University of Amsterdam and the Free University of Berlin. Sendijarević has directed several short films and her work has been featured at international film festivals, taking home numerous awards along the way. TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE (2018) is her debut feature film, which premiered at IFF Rotterdam, where it received a Special Mention.
Filmography 2013 // REIZIGERS IN DE NACHT / TRAVELERS IN THE NIGHT (short) 2014 // FERNWEH (short) 2015 // IMPORT (short) 2018 // TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE
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Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019
91 min, DCP, colour

Dutch, Bosnian
OV with English Subs


Ena Sendijarević


Ena Sendijarević


Sara Luna Zorić
Lazar Dragojević
Ernad Prnjavorac
Sanja Burić


Sander van Meurs
Pieter Kuijpers
Iris Otten


Marieke Mols
Joost de Wolf

Production Company

Pupkin Film

Co-Production Company



Heretic Outreach


Emo Weemhoff


Lot Rossmark


Vincent Sinceretti


Ella van der Woude