Anti-Oscar Night Live-Action-Art with Dan Perjovschi

Who exactly determines the Oscar nominations? How much money does one have to invest as a producer in order to get noticed at all in Hollywood? Even members of the Academy are often in the dark here. At goEast, on the other hand, everything is totally transparent. Guest curator Radu Jude, Romanian director and former subject of the goEast Portrait, has made a purely subjective selection of five Eastern European films that in his opinion would have been worthy of receiving the film industry's highest honour, though they almost certainly would never have made it onto the short list. Circumstances permitting, Radu Jude will be presenting the films personally over the course of a long evening at Museum Wiesbaden. Artist Dan Perjovschi, who has previously graced prestigious venues such as MoMA and Vienna's Kunsthalle with his political action art, will be illustrating his view of art and commerce, as well as the anti-Oscars.

AN UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER (1994) by Lucian Pintilie
 (2014) by Stan Neumann
 (1994) by Artur Aristakisyan
 (1998) by Péter Forgács
WITTGENSTEIN TRACTATUS (1992) by Péter Forgács

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