Book Presentation Antigypsyism and Film

In 2019, the subject of the goEast Symposium, curated by Barbara Wurm, was "Constructions of the Other – Roma and the Cinema of Central and Eastern Europe". This programming decision was inspired by the international conference "Antigypsyism and Film", which took place in Berlin in February 2018. Scholars, researchers, filmmakers and human rights activists, both Roma and non-Roma, came together to discuss the subject of anti-ziganism in the context of the film industry. The immediate impetus was the children's film "Nellys Abenteuer", which was broadcast by KIKA and SWR in spite of criticism from the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma for being enormously anti-ziganist. The participants presented the results of their research, shared their personal experiences and discussed films. Now this bilingual volume aims to document this pioneering conference, the first of its kind to date. The conference publication includes scholarly articles and essays as well as interviews with filmmakers, arranged into four thematic sections: anti-ziganism in film, ethical questions, subversion strategies and anti-ziganism in relation to other hostile attitudes.
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