Ost-Kiosk Ost-Kiosk

The kiosk is an integral part of everyday life in many countries in Central and Eastern Europe: a quick snack on the go, a well-deserved after-work beer, chewing gum with collectible pictures as well as pirated cassettes and DVDs, vodka and shower gel can be bought through a hatch, behind which there is apparently another world. There are no limits to the colourful, lavish offerings curated by a vendor – often in a bad mood – who keeps track of everything in his chaotic container. If you were unlucky, a hand-painted cardboard sign in the window would announce: "Be right back." Others will forever remember the kiosk as a fast food stall. It was bright red, and white writing announced the three magic words: "Sausages in buns". Here, the important questions in life were negotiated: with mustard or without? The Pan-European Picnic aims to bring all these memories together as part of goEast and brings a classic K67 kiosk, designed by Slovenian architect Saša Mächtig, to the centre of Wiesbaden to revive it as a meeting place and cultural carrier. Here we not only offer goods for festival use – a sound collage of Central and Eastern European poems, anecdotes, advertisements, street and demonstration noises is also intended to intervene in the city and make passers-by curious about what is happening under the plane trees of the Kunstverein and perhaps also beyond the border.
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5 min, vom Festivalzentrum, Wilhelmstraße 15

23.04.-26.04., 10 - 22 Uhr

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