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goEast presents the RheinMain short films and brings the short film to the big screen: BAD NIGHT STORY (Poland, director: Nawojka Wierzbowska) portrays the girl Julka, who is looking for affection, in impressionistic images; completely different: the snotty, punky and wild images of an (anti) feminist group in SISTERS (Ukraine, directors: Anna Scherbyna, Valentyna Petrova). The two animated films URAL (Germany, Russia, director: Alla Churikova), winner of the RheinMain Short Film Award, and MY GALATIC TWIN GALACTION (Russia, director: Sasha Svirsky) couldn't be more different: once poetically thoughtful and once as a wild animation trip. FAT KATHY (Poland, director: Julia Pełka) offers fascinating insights into Warsaw's extraordinary water supply and MAN (Latvia, director: Yulia Timoshina) takes the audience to a rest stop in the Latvian wasteland. It gets mysterious in HAVE YOU SEEN THAT MAN? (Romania, director: Yotam Ben-David), which revolves around the story of a Romanian village, while Denis Lavant suddenly finds himself in a (real?) Battle in FIGURANT (Czech Republic, director: Jan Vejnar).

13. September 2021 - Kinocenter Gießen, 7:00 pm (Tickets)

14. September 2021 - Programmkino Rex, Darmstadt, 8:15 pm (Tickets)

30. September 2021 - Cinemayence, Mainz, 8:30 pm (Tickets)

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Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany 2020-21
103 min, DCP, colour

Russian, Latvian, Romanian, Polish, Czech
OV with German Subs

Thursday, 09/30/2021, 8:30PM
Cinemayence, Mainz
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