In Discussion with Radu Jude

In Discussion with Radu Jude

Festival Director Heleen Gerritsen in conversation with Radu Jude
The event was held in English.

It is a tradition at goEast that the audience has the chance to gain exclusive insight into the creative process and oeuvre of the featured Portrait guest. This year, director par excellence Radu Jude will be joining us for an extensive Q&A where he will share details about his work. Viewers will be able to ask the filmmaker questions about his idiosyncratic aesthetics, his working process and his choice of subject matter, as well as about Romania both past and present.

For insights into the Romanian history and culture Radu Jude recommends the book Journal 1935-44: The Fascist Years by Mihail Sebastian (published by Pimlico).

Radu Jude has made a seven-minute self-portrait for the magazine report Kurzschluss (Short Circuit) by arte. The show will be broadcast in the night from 2nd to 3rd of May at 00:55 am and also contains an interview with goEast director Heleen Gerritsen as well as a number of short films by Radu Jude. Additionally arte is presenting a small selection from our Anarcho Shorts programme online. Many of the contents will be available within the arte media center.

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Self Portrait Radu Jude