Exhibition: Memes from Slavistan

Online Opening: meme curators Vladan Petković and Vassilis Economou discuss and argue about memes, stereotypes and Slavic culture. Moderation: Anastasia Melaii. The event will be held in English.
Experience the exhibition here: memeslav.de

Memes are the most ubiquitous form of popular culture inherent to online social media. Through a combination of recycled images and text, they are most often intended as jokes or comments on literally everything happening in the world. With the exhibition MEMES FROM SLAVISTAN, curated by film journalists and meme connoisseurs Vassilis Economou and Vladan Petković, we aim to expand the understanding of the Slavic (and Eastern European) spirit and culture in the Western perception. With categories ranging from food, culture and history to fashion, music and science, the memes will be selected and presented in a way accessible for a Western consumer, who will be able to understand these aspects of the life, tradition and mindset of Slavs on a different, meta-level. With this exhibition, we are hoping to complement and expand the cultural connection between Slavs (and honorary-Slavs) and the West that goEast traditionally explores through its programme.