Open Frame Award


Since its shift to Virtual Reality and spherical cinema in 2018, the Open Frame Award has continued to experiment with new forms and media formats. So far, by coming together in Wiesbaden, a learning curve has come into being through the physical collaboration during the festival week, when filmmakers, VR creators, jury members and audiences met and found a common understanding of where the road is leading us. However, now this process is interrupted by the need to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic, which makes it impossible to meet in person. But the experimental nature of our award and the lessons we have learned from participants of past editions, who are fearlessly moving into the unknown, give us the motivation to do as much as we can. With the help of our partners and former Open Frame Award winners, we have recreated our landmark venue, Caligari Filmbühne, in virtual reality and will be holding most of our VR activities there. You are invited to join us to experience exciting new projects from Central and Eastern Europe! The Open Frame Award is accessible with VR hardware and PC. In the following you find more details as well as a FAQ.

You can find a list of the selected projects here.

Overcoming time constraints to bring the festival online, goEast and VRrOOm were able to achieve a remarkable result, making the goEast's 2020 edition become the world's very first event to offer access to 360° VR films to all, and interactive experiences to pre-registered guests. Thanks to this innovative collaboration with VRrOOm, goEast becomes the world's first film festival allowing audiences to enjoy the complete interactive VR experiences' lineup beyond just the 360° films.

To get access to the whole line up - you should follow the instructions here.

To visit virtual venue and meet festival team and nominees every day from 7 to 9 pm CET - you should install VRCHAT and visit VRROOM as we describe here.

If you have installed VRChat properly follow this LINK,and you will be directed diretcly into our world.

For all questions please contact:

Georgy Molodtsov, curator, mlif.ffd@vostdolom
Natalya Severina, OFA technical producer, ur.liam@anirevesaylatan

To visit OFA online you have to install the free programme Steam. Here you can download the free programme VRChat, whose system requirements can be found both on the VRChat website and below in our FAQs.


Open Frame Award - Guided Tours: Daily between 7 and 9 PM


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