Blurred Lines – The Ethical Approach to working with Protagonists and non-professional actors

Moderation: Brigid O'Shea
Panelists: Ivana Mladenović (Director/Actress, Romania/Serbia), Petr Václav (Director, Czech Republic), Sarah Dawson (Programmer IDFA, South Africa), Eric Winker (Producer, Germany)
The event was held in English.

What responsibility do filmmakers have for their own protagonists? This question is especially relevant for documentary films and hybrid forms of filmmaking that work with non-professional actors. The DAU project by Russian director Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, who had a part of his cast spend two years on set like in a reality show, represents an extreme case here. Under such circumstances, one can no longer speak of normal working conditions. In IVANA THE TERRIBLE, Ivana Mladenović casts family members and friends, who all play themselves. Petr Václav involves Roma performers from all over Europe in his film SKOKAN; his lead actor had just been released from prison. Between collaboration, coercion and manipulation: the subject of ethics is relevant for all filmmakers.