Filmmakers without Borders: What would we do without Europe?

Moderation: Heleen Gerritsen
Jan Macola (producer, Czech Republic), Juris Kursietis (director, Latvia) and Barbora Berezňáková (director, Slovakia)
The event was held in English.

As goEast was founded in 2001, the European project and the EU's Eastern expansion were seen with a lot of (in part, naive) optimism. Since then, the festival has been bringing together filmmakers and audiences from East and West for whom the European Union has become a natural part of everyday life. The film community benefits enormously from today's often-denigrated EU, from its open borders and European funding. Alas, developments like Brexit and the dramatic images of refugee camps on Europe's external borders call the European project into question. For this reason, for our special anniversary edition, instead of celebrating our own festival we have decided to celebrate Europe as the foundation of the values for which we stand: solidarity, international understanding and cultural exchange. In a conversation that is equally addressed to our festival audience and the participants of our East-West Talent Lab development programme, filmmakers will report on their European experiences, from film school to exchange programmes, from cultural differences to co-productions and cross-border networks. We will also take a look at a hypothetical (dystopian) world in which European co-operation is no longer possible.