The RheinMain Short Film Programme


After a long hiatus in the cinema „goEast presents" comes back with a vengeance and offers a highly varied short film program. In SEPTEMBER 3RD 2015 (Croatia, director: Sara Jurinčić) the filmmaker takes us on a personal journey to her past; just as intimate is the artist portrait about the master of surrealist cinema JAN ŠVANKMAJER (Czech Republic, Petr Michal, Vojtěch Dvořák). At the center of CAUCASUS (Lithuania, director: Laurynas Bareiša) and IN BETWEEN (Kosovo, director Samir Karahoda, winner pf the RhineMain Short Film Award 2020) we see family dramas – packaged in a fictional format in the former an das a documentary in the latter. The films ARRIVAL (Belarus, director: Alina Nasibullina) and VIRAGO (Estonia, director: Kerli Kirch Schneider) revolve around women – in the first film men never even make an appearance in the first place, whereas in VIRAGO the malest end to disappear in various mysterious (and hilarious) ways. Last but not least, the animated shorts ELECTRIAN'S DAY (Latvia, Vladimir Leschiov) und BLESS YOU! (Poland, Paulina Ziółkowska) send us tot he surreal life in a psychiatric ward or to the confusing world of spreading viruses – a truly prohetic film.

All shorts are part of the RhineMain Short Film Competition of goEast 2020, which had to go online this year. This makes it even more special to now see these short film gems from CEE on the big screen!

Information and Tickets


Short film program, various countries and directors

All films in the original language with German subtitles.

Total duration: 85 min. 

FSK: from 12 yrs.

Tuesday, 30.06.2020 8:00 pm, Caligari FilmBühne Wiesbaden, Original with German subtitles

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Picture: goEast / BLESS YOU! (Polen 2018, Regie: Paulina Ziółkowska)