film patronage

Contact for Film Patronage:

Jan Peschel
Head of Management and Organization
Tel: +49 (0)611 236 843 - 12

Every year at the beginning of spring, goEast starts one of the most important international film festivals for cinema from Central and Eastern Europe. The arc stretches from the Czech Republic to Russia, from Estonia to the southern Balkans.

With the takeover of a film sponsorship for 1,000 € you support our Festival in Wiesbaden directly. This helps goEast to invite as many films as possible, with their directors, producers and actors to come to the state capital in person.

You prefer a particular genre, a particularly Eastern film country or a topic that appeals to you: We will gladly make suggestions for you, so that you will be able to individually select your film. Your film sponsorship helps us significantly to cover the costs incurred for this particular movie.

With a film sponsorship you make your personal contribution to the unique festival atmosphere of goEast and give filmmakers from across Eastern Europe the opportunity to present their films to the local audience. As a company, you communicate your cultural commitment to the public and benefit from the high media coverage of goEast. You will be mentioned as patron at the screening in the Caligari FilmBühne - your commitment will be noted in the program and on the website. On request, the sponsorship can also be done anonymously and is then recorded only within our festival offices. In addition, we will provide you with a card contingent (10 x 2 cards) for the film event and you will also be invited to the festival opening (1 x 2 cards).