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The success of your business is build with passion and dedication. A high-profile display of your company will have a positive effect and increase your already achieved reputation.

For the 19th time, goEast - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film transformes from 10th of April 2019 till 16th of April the state capital Wiesbaden into a cultural meeting place with international flair.


With the programme brochure (print run 35.000, DinA4, 4c) we turn to today’s trend setters and deciders in the cultural field, society and politics. The 2019 issue will be distributed to all important cultural institutes and univeristies in the Rhine-Main Area as well as to cafés, book shops and restaurants.


With our catalogue we turn to professionals from the film business. The catalogue is handed over to the festival attendants, distributed to international film festivals and film institutes.


With an ad in our publications you will reach an open minded and cultural interested target group. In addition, the international character of the festival will enhance your presentation.


Detailed information about the various advertising options is listed in the Media-Kit. If you have further questions or want to book an advert please contact us either via phone +49.611.236 843-0 or via E-mail