10.04. - 16.04.2019



goEast PresentsNovember

19th century Estonia is crawling with all manner of strange characters: werewolves, ghosts and creatures composed of animal bones are all up to no … more

goEast PresentsREZO

Little Rezo grows up in Georgia during and immediately following the second world war. He loves books and his grandparents, who live in the mountains … more

Call for EntiesCompetition for fiction features and documentaries & Open Frame Award

Starting from September 1st, we invite filmmakers to submit their works to the 19th goEast Film Festival Competition. goEast welcomes submissions of … more

goEast PresentsArrhythmia

Oleg is a talented emergency doctor who practices his craft passionately within a hospital setting. His penchant for repeatedly ignoring bureaucratic … more

And the winners areFilms from Estonia, Hungary and Serbia Win Big

Golden Lily for Best FilmNOVEMBEREstonia, Netherlands, Poland 2017; Director: Rainer Sarnet; Production: Katrin KissaAward of the City of Wiesbaden … more

Call for ApplicationsSnowflakes unite @OPPOSE OTHERING!

Our OPPOSE OTHERING! program for ethical filmmaking will go into its third round in 2018. This year, instead of giving out production grants we will … more