Murnau Filmtheater
Thu, 27.04. – Tue, 02.05. / 15 – 22:30
Admission Free

The project “ILLUSTRATORS_NATIVE” was initiated in January 2023 with the aim of creating a supportive and inspiring community for diverse illustrators from Russia’s indigenous populations. Within this community, Seseg Jigjitova and Rinchina Azheeva publish and promote the works of illustrators dedicated to the depiction and rethinking of these native cultures and stories. 

The participating artists come from diverse artistic fields and make use of different media: from graphic novels to textile art all the way to animation and video installations. In doing so, they allow their different backgrounds to shape their creative practices, in order to provide more visibility for indigenous cultures and to challenge the repression that they have been subjected to, and still face. 

From the Republic of Buryatia:
Sayana Khomonova, Yumzhana Sui, Sendema Khenterkheeva, Rinchina Azheeva (Kuratorin der Austellung / exhibition curator) und Seseg Jigjitova (Kuratorin der Ausstellung / exhibition curator)
From the Republic of Kalmykia:
Baina Sәәdүd, Klöna, Sanjin Jirgal, Victoria Sarangova, Gilyana & Aldar Erendzhenov und Elina Gederim
From the Republic of Sakha:
Sargylana Cherepanova und Nikolai Tarkov
From the Republic of Tuva:
Nadezhda Dembirel und Sandyj-Ool Aya 

Panel: Meet the Activists

Alte Bibliothek, Museum Wiesbaden
Fr, 28.04. / 16:00
Admission Free

Also within the framework of “illustrator_natives”, a panel will take place during the festival week, in which four women – Alexandra Garmazhapova, spokesperson of the Free Buryatia Foundation, Dankhaiaa Khovalyg, co-founder of the podcast “Govorit Respublika”, Seseg Jigjitova and Rinchina Azheeva – will present their projects and discuss the future of indigenous movements in the post-Soviet space.