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Festivalblog Day 6

Anti-Oscarnight with Radu Jude, Dan Perjovschi and jay Weissberg

Who exactly decides the Oscar nominations? How much money do you have to invest as a producer to be seen in Hollywood at all? It's not even clear for members of the Academy. Because of this, our guest curator Radu Jude will be presenting his very own selection of films. Films which, in his opinion, deserve the highest prize, but which are unfortunately not commercial enough to be in the running. AUSTERLITZ by Stan Neumann, Lucian Pintilies AN UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER, PALMS by Artur Aristakisyan as well as THE DANUBE EXODUS and WITTGENSTEIN TRACTATUS by Péter Forgács. Films like this allow us to see the world with clearer eyes. 

In Radu Jude's opinion, this augmented vision is more important than sales and therefore deserves an award. In addition to Radu's selection, action artist Dan Perjovschi will be presenting some of his works. Drawn on white partition walls placed around Wiesbaden Museum, they make reference to both the evening's theme as well as Dan's own personal view of the film industry in general. goEast jury member Jay Weissberg and festival director Heleen Gerritsen are also part of the programme.

// Anti-Oscarnight 25th April / 8:00 PM CET on this Website

// Films of the Anti-Oscarnight available On Demand in Germany


Experimental Hungarian Filmmaker Péter Lichter and poet Márió Z. Nemes, are guests in this year's Masterclass as part of the East-West Talent Lab. Nemes wrote the poem "Barokk Femina", on which Lichter's film of the same name is based. Inspired by the making of this film and the uprising of Afrofuturism, Lichter created the art movement Hungarofuturism, which arose as a reaction to the desperate situation in Hungary due to censorship and authoritarianism. During the master class, the two talk about the conceptual and practical development of the film, give a look behind the scenes and at the same time introduce the Hungaro-futuristic idea.

// Masterclass 25th April / 11:30 AM CET via Zoom


In the Competition programme, the films THIS RAIN WILL NEVER STOP, LIFE OF IVANNA and BEBIÁ Á MON SEUL DÉSIR start today. In THIS RAIN WILL NEVER STOP, director Alina Gorlova accompanies refugee Andriy Suleyman - on aid missions in eastern Ukraine, as well as on private occasions and on his first return to his native Syria after fleeing. In LIFE OF IVANNA, a different everyday life is depicted: Director Renato Borrayo Serrano portrays Ivanna, a nomad living in the tundra with her five children. She has to decide whether her children should receive an education in the city or continue to grow up as Nenets.

The feature film BEBIÁ Á MON SEUL DÉSIR by Juja Dobrachkous tells the story of Ariadna, who returns to her Georgian home village for her grandmother's funeral. As the youngest of the family, she has to perform an old family ritual for the occasion, which ends in an aesthetically staged odyssey.

// THIS RAIN WILL NEVER STOP available On Demand in Germany starting 25th April / 4:00 PM CET

// LIFE OF IVANNA available On Demand in Germany starting 25th April / 6:45 PM CET

// BEBIÁ Á MON SEUL DÉSIR available On Demand in Germany starting 25th April / 9:15 PM CET



In order to offer viewers the best possible insight into the process of creating the works at the goEast competition, the filmmakers share their experiences with the audience at the film talks. Today we present all the talks that were made on location in Wiesbaden, of course with distance and tested.

// Filmtalk BILESUVAR with protagonist Kamran Aghabalayev

// Filmtalk PLEASE HOLD THE LINE with director Pavel Cuzuioc and production manager Lilia Braila

// Filmtalk THIS RAIN WILL NEVER STOP with director Alina Gorlova

// Filmtalk LANDSCAPES OF RESISTANCE with director Marta Popivoda and cameraman Ivan Markovic

// Filmtalk HOLY FATHER with director Andrei Dăscălescu and protagonist Paula Niculescu

// Filmtalk SHOULD THE WIND DROP with director Nora Martirosyan

// Filmtalk HOW I BECAME A PARTISAN with director Vera Lacková and producer Jan Bodnár


On day fifth of the festival, a real pearl of the silent film world will be available for screening. This early science fiction film is set amid the turmoil of the Russian Revolution, in which engineer Loss travels to Mars because of a radio communication from outer space. Once there, he leads the inhabitants in a resistance against the ruling powers. However he slowly realises that not everyone shares his ideals and that maybe some of his companions have another plan in mind. This year goEast is offering a special showing of this classic: Pianist Uwe Oberg will perform the music for the silent film on site, ensuring a unique atmosphere for you all.

// AELITA – THE FLIGHT TO MARS available On Demand in Germany April 25th / 11:00 AM CET