Pan-European Picnic 2021

Postponed Events in August and Septmeber

Rhein Main Short Film Tour

goEast presents its RheinMain Short Film Compilation, consisting of eight contemporary shorts from Central and Eastern Europe, competing for this year's RheinMain Short Film Award. With its impressionistic images, BAD NIGHT STORY (Poland, Nawojka Wierzbowska) paints a portrait of Julka, a girl longing for care and attention; completely different: the punkish anarchy and wild images of an (anti-) feminist group in SISTERS (Ukraine, Anna Scherbyna, Valentyna Petrova). Apart from that, two very different animation films: URAL (Germany, Russia, Alla Churikova), this year's RheinMain Short Film Award winner, and MY GALATIC TWIN GALACTION (Russia, Sasha Svirsky): the former is a pensive, poetic work, the latter offers a wild animated trip. Fascinating insights into Warsaw's extraordinary water filtering system are on offer in FAT KATHY (Poland, Julia Pełka) The impressive fiction short MAN (Latvia, Yulia Timoshina) takes audience members to a roadside diner in the Latvian province. HAVE YOU SEEN THAT MAN? (Romania, Yotam Ben-David) adds a touch of mystery by employing village mythology and main actor Denis Lavant suddenly finds himself in the middle of a (real?) military combat situation in FIGURANT (Czech Republic, Jan Vejnar).


10. August 2021 - Caligari FilmBühne, Wiesbaden, 8:00 p.m.

25. August 2021 - Pupille - Kino in der Uni, Frankfurt am Main, 8:00 p.m.

13. September 2021 - Kinocenter Gießen, 7:00 pm

14. September 2021 - Programmkino Rex, Darmstadt, 8:15 pm

30. September 2021 - Cinemayence, Mainz, 8:30 pm (Tickets) in attendance of RheinMain Short Film Award Winner 2021, director Alla Churikova

Georgian Language Course

This year, the languages from the goEast region are coming to Wiesbaden again. All those interested can look forward to the Georgian course in the Caligari FilmBühne. In memory of the late Georgian artist and theater director Revaz "Rezo" Gabriadze, a documentary about him will be shown.

The language course is offered in cooperation with Georgica e.V. from Frankfurt, which offers more intensive language courses and other cultural events regularly.

Monday, September 6th, 2021, 8:00 p.m.
Caligari FilmBühne, Wiesbaden


A Wall is A Screen

Already on August 28th, 2021 we are looking forward to roaming the evening in Offenbach am Main with the audience and the artist group "A Wall Is A Screen" for the short film walk with Central and Eastern European short films.

After the successful event in Wiesbaden-Klarenthal in 2020, A Wall Is A Screen invites you to see the city center of Offenbach with new eyes. As always, the programme was specially designed for this tour, but the films, like the route, remain secret.

Free entry.

The event also takes place in case of rain.

The walk takes about 60-90 minutes.



Saturday, August 28, 2021, start: 9:00 p.m.

18 Stadthof, 63065 Offenbach am Main

Drive in Cinema

From September 1 to 3, 2021, goEast is organizing a pop-up drive-in cinema in the middle of Wiesbaden city center together with mobility partner stadtmobil Rhein Main. The highlight: You don't even have to travel in your own car, you can conveniently book the front seats in the car sharing vehicles.

If you prefer to sit in the open air, you can make yourself comfortable on beach chairs. The event will be Corona-compliant. We will keep you informed about the applicable hygiene measures below.


Wednesday, 1. September 2021

Start at 8:30 p.m.


Thursday, 2. September 2021

Start at 8:30 p.m.


Friday 3. September 2021

Start at 8:30 p.m.


Hygiene Measures and Information on Dealing with the Corona Virus

On this page we will keep you informed about the Corona protective measures during our events in August and September.

Please understand that we may have to tighten the access restrictions at short notice in accordance with the applicable regulations of the state and city.


- "3-G rule": Access to our events only with valid proof of full recovery (not older than 6 months), complete vaccination (with digital vaccination pass or vaccination book) or a negative corona rapid test (not older than 24 hours)

- Contact information tracking / traceability of possible chains of infection: In addition, visitors must register using the Corona warning app (download, picture on the right) or using the contact form on site.

- Please stay at home if you show symptoms of an infection (f.e. coughing or fever), also be advised that it is not allowed to participate in case of ongoing quarantine over the course of the events.