Reporting press representatives from all areas of media (print, online, TV, radio, web-TV and photography) at goEast receive a press accreditation by providing name and medium. The accreditation is personalized and non-transferable. 

Your accreditation grants free access to all film screenings (as long as the screening hasn't been sold out). Please note that special events are not included.

Applications will be accepted via our database Eventival until April 12th 2021: 

If you already have an Eventival account, we can re-use your photo, feel free to upload an updated picture for your badge on our database  up until April 12th 2021.

In case you do not have an Eventival account yet, you need to sign up before applying for an accreditation.

After April 13th we will charge a service fee of €10 for the accreditation process.

When your accreditation was granted, you will receive a link and information to the online media library by e-mail. 


In case of further questions regarding the (application for) the accreditation we kindly advice you to read our FAQs

By presenting your accreditation at the Press & Info Counter in the Festival Centre or at the CaligariFilmnühne, you will receive tickets for all film screenings during the festival week.

By presenting your badge you will receive free tickets for all film screenings (as long as tickets are available). Tickets for the daily screenings will only be issued at the respective box offices. Furthermore, the tickets and login data are non-transferrable and for personal use only.

During the festival week, you can pick up your accreditation at the goEast Press Counter in the Festival Centre at the Muesum Wiesbaden, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, 65185 Wiesbaden.

Opening hours (subject to modification):
20th & 26th of April: 10:00am til 03:00pm
21st til 25th of April: 10.00am til 08:00pm

The login data to our Online Media Library will be sent to you by e-mail.

Apply for your accreditation by following the link