In 2022, goEast presented a TikTok programme for the big screen for the very first time. “TikTok for Dummies” was a colourful mix of portrait-format videos treating memorable topics. Out of this so-called “user-generated content”, a diverse medial image of Eastern Europe was able to emerge. As a “medium”, TikTok is simple, free and also invites individuals lacking access to expensive film equipment to share their opinions, get creative or just have fun. And that for the most part without political censorship (yet).

This year, the programme makes a welcome return, exploring what Generation Z has on its mind in the year 2023. Questions of identity, racism, the Russian war of aggression – young TikTokers express themselves or slip into the skin of an alter ego for little sketches, like “The ungrateful Ukrainian refugee” or “balkan dad”. Once again, goEast gathers TikTok videos from our focus region as well as from young Eastern Europeans in exile, presenting a collage of existential angst, absurd dance videos, uncomfortable opinions and bad puns on the big screen.