Young Anežka is conscientious and always willing to lend a hand – whether looking after her grandparents and her mentally ill mother, or helping her gruff father chop wood in the sparsely populated rural region of Vysočina. On top of that, she even sounds totally credible when she assures the married man she is having an affair with that she is not the slightest bit bothered when his wife interrupts their furtive rendezvous by phone. Anežka is constantly trying to satisfy everyone’s expectations. But the real question remains: what does she herself actually want out of life?
For her feature-film debut, director Beata Parkanová has constructed a mosaic composed of snapshots of stolen moments. Taken as a whole, the result is an empathetic portrait of a young woman who must find her way to herself, to her wishes, desires and boundaries as well. Jenovéfa Boková plays young Anežka, who bears the rants of her family and lover in silence for long stretches of the film. However, one can sense what’s seething beneath the surface through her subtle body language and facial expressions, namely a deep yearning to finally escape. Jenovéfa Boková received the Czech Film Critics’ Award for best actress for her performance in Chvilky.
Beata Parkanová
Parkanová is a screenwriter, director and author born in 1985 in Trebíc. She studied screenwriting and dramaturgy at Prague Film Academy FAMU. Before her cinematic work, she published several books. Parkanová has dedicated herself to documentary and live action films: she served as assistant director, worked as a screenwriter and made her directing debut with the feature length MOMENTS, for which she wrote the screenplay as well. She is currently working on her next project JEHO SLOVO, JEJÍ SLOVO (HIS WORD, HER WORD).
Filmography 2018 // CHVILKY / MOMENTS
präsentiert von:
Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin

Czech Republic, Slovakia 2018
93 min, DCP, colour

Czech, Slovak
OV with English Subs


Beata Parkanová


Jenovéfa Boková
Jaroslava Pokorná
Alena Mihulová
Viktor Tauš
Martin Finger
Marek Geišberg
Lenka Vlasáková


Viktor Tauš

Production Company

Heaven's Gate
Fog'n'Desire Films

Co-Production Company

KFS Production
Czech Television




Martin Douba


Alois Fišárek


Klára Javoříková