Péter Lichter makes independent experimental films. Out of a sense of conviction. For his films, he views and processes large quantities of found footage: cinema classics, B movies, advertisements, other audio-visual sources. He alters them and places them in new contexts. He teaches and breathes experimental film. Last year, he discovered Hungarofuturism and began a collaboration with the poet Márió Z. Nemes – one of the pioneers of this movement. This creative partnership between the two resulted in the experimental film BAROKK FEMINA. In the scope of this year's master class, Péter Lichter will provide exclusive insight into the process behind this film. Márió Z. Nemes will talk about his work with the filmmaker and the emergence of a new current in art in the heart of Europe. Is Hungarofuturism a desperate answer to the hopeless political situation in Hungary, or does the art movement inspired by Afrofuturism genuinely offer alternatives?
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