Open Frame Award

Innovation is imperative in times of a global pandemic. The Open Frame Award as part of goEast will build a bridge over the gap between online programmes for laypeople and professionals alike in 2021.

Here the participants from Central and Eastern Europe present virtual reality and 360 projects. The prize, endowed with 5,000 euros and awarded by the BHF Bank Foundation, beckons the best work. The projects are evaluated by an international jury.

OFA curator Georgy Molodtsov and various artists guided you through the digital exhibition daily from April 21 to 25 at 6:00 p.m. The tours were accessible to all interested parties via a YouTube livestream.

Recap of OFA 2021


Winner – Tangible Utopias

We are honoured and happy to distinguish the project "Tangible Utopias" through this award. We acknowledge the long term ambition of this meaningful project that will develop and grow over the coming years, giving a voice to children in such a creative way, embracing and celebrating them as our true hope for our global future.

Honourable Mention – #PRISONERSVOICE

We want to point out #Prisonersvoice with an honourable mention. With the created images, combined with the plain and direct narrations of the activists in a dense atmosphere, the creators offer an intense glimpse into a world, unknown to most of us.


Jimmy Cheng

Maria Courtial

Michel Reilhac

Starting in the OPEN FRAME AWARD

This year you can experience the Open Frame Award in a variety of ways. You can get a first insight into our projects online via our digital exhibition, which you can visit without in your web browser or on your tablet or smartphone.


No registration, no installation, no VR headset necessary.

Visit the exhibition (opens a new window).

Projects in HTC's Viveport

This year, VR professionals could not only try out the 360 videos, but also the interactive projects at home. With the support of HTC Viveport, as a registered user you had access to the projects free of charge from April 20 to May 2, 2021.

VRrOOm und VRChat

+++ Still accessible +++

In cooperation with VRrOOm, a social network for and in virtual reality, our OFA curator Georgy Molodtsov and VR artist and OFA award winner Denis Semionov created a world to discover and exchange in 2020. You can look forward to visiting the digital replica of the Caligari Cinema again, but this year we have a few surprises in store for visitors.


You need a powerful Windows PC or laptop. Pre-installation of the VRChat and registration is required. A VR headset is recommended, but not necessary.

Start on Vrooftop (only PC - opens new window)

Start in Caligari VR (PC+Quest - opens new window)

Suitable for experienced and technology-savvy users.