goEast needs strong partners – Be one of them!

goEast – a CulturalBrand Investment in culture sets in motion a process that brings benets not just to the arts and society as a whole but from which the investors prot as well. Such investments should be viewed as a process of exchange between cultural institutions and private or public sponsors. Cultural funding is a circular system, a reciprocal arrangement in which professional sponsors seek a partner operating as equals.

In the course of the past fourteen years, goEast has won several important and loyal partners. It is partly thanks to the commitment displayed by these sponsors that goEast is now internationally established as a cultural brand, and occupies a place in the calendar of cultural events in the Rhine-Main region. e high quality invariably oered by goEast has built up condence among the festival’s visitors, guests and lmmakers. The organizers are determined to maintain and enhance the quality in the future. This will
be possible only with support from further strong partners – and you are invited to join their ranks. We will gladly inform you about the possibilities of partnerships between your institution/ company and goEast.

We gladly inform you about the possibilities!

Veronika Sellner
Head of Organisation and Management
phone: +49.611.236 843-12